Classical Harmony and Composition

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The main methodology is instructor-led training. The course covers: tonal harmony from baroque to late romanticism; fundamentals of classical composition techniques; fundamentals of musical analysis.
Fundamentals of music theory: Intervals classification, major and minor scales, circle of fifths.
Four parts harmonization of figured bass, with imitations. Song without words for piano (around 70 bars) on given theme. Chromatic harmony, enharmonic transformations of chords. 9th, 11th, 13th chords.

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Gilberto Bartoloni

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Saint Louis Music Center Srl

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This European project (KA 203 Strategic Partnership) created by Salvatore Gioveni promotes cross-border collaboration in the field of Music Theory through sharing knowledge and transferring pedagogical innovation. It thus responds to a lack of centralised source and framework to deepen reflection by means of cross-disciplinary study at European and international level.

There is a significant wealth of educational practices from one country to another in this sector, especially in terms of harmonic musical notation and analysis. However, HMEI's are facing the nonexistence of a European network for pedagogical staff in Music Theory so far. To improve the situation, the project will among other things develop several intellectual outputs such as Online Platform (IO 1), an EU Bibliography (IO 2), a Repository Courses (IO 3), a Multilingual Glossary (IO 4) and an Exchange Online Learning Platform.

Besides the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles as leader and manager of the project, the following partner institutions are involved: Music Academy S. Moniuszki Gdańsk (Gdańsk, Poland), F. Liszt Academy of Music Budapest (Budapest, Hungary), Estonian Academy for Music and Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia), HfMTh "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" (Leipzig, Germany).

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